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What the Hell Is Going On In Oregon?

January 17th, 2016 Comments off

568d47636abba.imageApparently, members of the militia group that took over the Malheur National Wildlife at the beginning of the year used stolen federal vehicles to drive into town and buy supplies at the local Safeway. Additionally, the Bundy militia group started removing surveillance equipment. Treated with kid gloves, the all-white militia group is a clear example of white privilege in the United States.

If the group taking over the wildlife preserve were Arabic, Indian, Chinese, African American or Hispanic, given past confrontations with Federal and Local police authorities, the insurrection would be finished. The worthlessness of black and brown life demonstrates itself daily in the news and is not a series of isolated incidents.

In 1985, another standoff by a black liberation group ended when the police dropped a bomb on their compound. This resulted in the deaths of 11 MOVE members, including the leader John Africa and five children, the destruction of 65 houses and widespread news coverage. MOVE was a Philadelphia-based, self-proclaimed black liberation group founded by Vincent Leaphart who died in the bombing.

Instead of using a blockade strategy to force the insurgents out, Federal Agents and local police treat Bundy and his band of marauders as if they are some modern day superpower that requires tender treatment, as well as with the utmost diplomacy and respect. They deserve no respect. They crossed state lines and took over a piece of Federal property. In addition, they should be punished to the full extent of the law or invite another Y’all Qaeda to do the same.

When countries cross paths with the United States, it is not uncommon for the US to implement a blockade preventing anything from going into the country or anything coming out. It is very effective. Unfortunately, it often hurts others, but in this case, Bundy’s bandits decided to ride into a box canyon. From there, the pickings should be easy. First, cut all electricity. Then block the water supply. Hold their mail. Disallow television and radio interviews. Make sure there is no water to flush toilets. Filth is a strong motivator to get away.

“The Bundy Brigands have begun to amplify their noxious, aggressive, and threatening behavior towards local authorities and residents who live in the area around Burns, Oregon. . . .  if the Bundy Brigands who are engaged in an armed “standoff” in Oregon were “Muslims” or people of color–especially African-Americans–they would at worst be dead by now or at the very least in jail.”[i]

However, not a shot need be fired. Literally, starve them out. Inhumane? Perhaps, their genius leader should have thought about that before leading his band of merry men into a box. Of course, they’d love to get into a shooting match and become famous or martyrs or both. Again, none of it is necessary. Three days is about the longest anyone can go without water. Unless the Y’all Qaeda towed in a water tank their water supplies should be running low unless the police and feds have allowed them to refuel. Three weeks is about the optimum for food, but it would not be fun.

Nevertheless, they should be starved out or dehydrated to the point of surrender. The answer is simple. Cut negotiations. Ban anyone from the area and wait. When the white smoke comes from the chimney we’ll a new leader has been elected.


[i] Chauncey DeVega, White Privilege 101: The Bundy Brigands are Now Openly Threatening and Harassing People in Oregon, Daily Kos, January 12, 2016,

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