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Guilty & Innocent: Two Different Things!

July 17th, 2013 1 comment

by Donald R Barbera

“Not guilty and innocent” are two different concepts. Not guilty is a legal term that means that a jury found insufficient evidence for a conviction. On the other hand, innocent is a term best used to describe a “newborn.” This past Saturday, George Zimmerman was found “not guilty” of killing Trayvon Martin, but the truth is he murdered the seventeen-year-old walking home with a bag of skittles and an Arizona ice-tea.Trayvon

The most basic facts show that Trayvon Martin is dead and George Zimmerman killed him. He didn’t allegedly kill him and he didn’t threaten to kill him He stalked, profiled and shot Trayvon Martin to death. The proof came in a picture of Trayvon Martin, as he lay dead in the damp Florida grass, which the jurors examined as evidence at the trial.

All television outlets except NBC refused to broadcast the picture. NBC only aired it by mistake, and then apologized. The picture makes the confrontation between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman clear—George followed Trayvon Martin, stalked him, and shot him before Trayvon Martin even had a chance to drop his skittles and Arizona Tea to raise his hands in defense. [1]

Clutching it as he allegedly grasped Zimmerman’s head and slammed it against the concrete. Clutching it as he purportedly grappled for George’s gun. Grasping it as he supposedly covered Zimmerman’s mouth and nose to cut off his breathing. Trayvon Martin left DNA traces on the paper bag, but not on George’s head and not on George’s gun. The picture was not ‘newsworthy’ because it showed the utter dishonesty of George’s constantly mutating lies.[2]

The picture makes the jury deliberations clear – it didn’t matter to six white women that all the scientific evidence disproved George’s lies. What mattered was that a white or even half Hispanic man should not be held to account for killing a black child. The jury didn’t care that there was no evidence to support George’s attorneys’ excuses, or that DNA evidence disproved George’s lies, or that the picture disproved George’s character assassination of the child, after he had assassinated the child’s body.[3]

Under the US legal system a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, but a jury’s finding have no relationship to reality as DNA has reversed so called air tight convictions. In this particular reality six white women let an admitted murderer go free. As a writer and activist during the Civil Rights era if the roles were reversed the outcome would have been predictable. Clearly, Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin and killed him.

George Zimmerman stands to make a ton of money from his killing of Trayvon Martin. Already his brother is making the rounds with television and other news outlets. Even before the trial, a book deal valued in the millions was on the table before the trial providing George escaped conviction. George isn’t out of the woods yet as a mountain of civil suits will come his way where the standards of evidence are much lower. I am sure a $400-600 million “wrongful death” lawsuit is not far away. Also, a petition to file Federal charges for violation of Trayvon Martin’s civil rights may spur action quickly.

He better hope he gets to keep a few dollars because getting a job will be nearly impossible. Although no one will say it, hiring Zimmerman would become a liability that most would not want to shoulder the burden for an incompetent, inept rent-a-cop. It is clear that Zimmerman is unfit to guard even a piggy-bank. He is psychologically unfit and physically unfit. Other police jobs deemed him inept and rejected his applications. When applying for other police jobs rejection was a constant. Because of his zeal for excessive violence, he was fired from minimum wage, no-training-needed private security jobs.[4]

As it has always been, it is still open season on blacks and Latinos, especially black men. Zimmerman is just another case of white men walking free after killing a black man or Latino. The film “Mississippi Burning” captured an example of how the judicial process does not work in favor of black men. After killing three civil rights workers, nineteen men faced indictments, but a segregationist judge dismissed charges against all but two.

In 1999, Amadou Bailo Diallo died at the hands four New York policemen after being shot 19 times. The four police who fired a combined total of 41 shots were later acquitted although Diallo was unarmed.[5] In November of 2012, an unarmed man died after sheriff deputies shot him in the back. Jose de la Trinidad of Culver City, CA was shot seven times, all from behind, according to his autopsy report.[6]

The shooting death of the teenager left citizens confused and suddenly aware of the elephant in the room—racism. After a year, Trayvon Martin is still dead because George Zimmerman killed him. Those are facts. Yet, a Florida jury found Zimmerman not guilty of the killing despite Zimmerman’s admission to the shooting. Nevertheless, Zimmerman walked out of a Florida court Saturday, August 13 a free man regardless that he killed Trayvon Martin, a kid just minding his business.


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