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It’s a Jewish Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand

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Who Lives in the Middle East?

I am writing in the vernacular to make myself clear at the lowest common denominator because I am speaking about a book that has caused centuries of bloodshed, terror and worse—the Bible.

Over the years, various groups tried to turn the tales in a pieced together book into stories benefitting their race. Groups as diverse as the Ku Klux Klan to the African Methodist Episcopal church interpreted the book in different ways.  I’ve seen the Black Madonna and know the real story behind it. I know about the African Jews and the Virgin Mother.

Lox and Bagels Says So

Regardless of the ways men and women have interpreted the book, it remains a collection of Jewish stories about Jews and Jewish customs. Of course, modern Christianity has neatly taken the Jewishness out of the book by only talking about it to make a point. The main character for Christians, Jesus or Yeshua, is a Jew. At the very least he is half Jew seeing that his daddy is God. A claim could be made for some African roots in that Egypt lies just across a stretch of land from Israel and is on the African continent.

Origins Leave a Lot in the Dark

For any caring to know the origins of the stories in the Bible, the discovery of the Rosetta Stone left know doubt that nearly every one of the stories came from Kemetic religion and history. Some say the Egyptian were black, others say they weren’t. Drawings are inconclusive. Many site the noses and lips on the drawings as proof, but ancient drawing from China and the New World look much the same, especially in a time when artist hadn’t discovered how to make drawings look three dimensional.

Kosher Dill Anyone?

Whether or not the Egyptians were black has no bearing on the Biblical stories. It was common to take the legends of the day and pass them among centralized people who then took them and made them their own. As to the truth of the Bible, let it be noted that it was voted into existence under orders from an emperor trying to consolidate power. In the gospels collected, no one knows which were left out as the emperor made it clear the “holy” men gathered at Nicaea only had limited time to get it done or Constantine would make the decision on what was in the book.

Same Then as Today

It seems that our good Christian folks were upsetting the harmony of the Roman Empire with their constant fighting and bickering about what was true and what wasn’t. So, Constantine ended the strife by calling a vote under threat and from that we got the truth.

A Jew is a Jew is A Jew

Still, it is a Jewish story. Although we speak of Jew and gentile, the Bible is about Jews. It truly is a book written by Jews, about Jews, for Jews. A good measure of the Bible meaning is seen in how many Jews believe it to be true since it was written. In Islam, Jesus is just a prophet because it is a Jewish story.

A Tenuous Tie

Some black scholars link the suffering of the Jews in the Bible to the similar circumstances of those of African descent. A key to remember is the diversity and size of the African continent. Not everyone coming out of Africa looks the same and an African connection is at best questionable under any circumstances.

Read Your History if You Can

History records no great exodus of Jews from Egypt. It is a made up story and any linking to that story is preposterous. The Bible is a Jewish story. It is not without humor that that kidnapping of the Bible by racists groups entirely overlooks its clear Jewish origins to the point that persecution of the writers of the Bible is still a regular occurrence.

I have touched on a number of subjects, but the main issue is the Jewishness of the Bible. It is undeniable. Whether there is any truth in it, is another matter. Where the stories came from is also debatable as is the just about anything found in the book, but the one thing that seems clear is that the Bible is a Jewish thing and most people still don’t understand.

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