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Ain’t No Such Thing!

June 1st, 2009 Comments off

Recently, a spate of skirmishes, regional conflicts and fighting collected the label “religious” wars. Unfortunately, the world media seems reluctant to speak truthfully about these events and chooses to apply a name that is not only confusing, but ridiculous.

A “Holy War” is the same as  “pretty ugly”, it is an oxymoron used as a fancy suit to dress up a pig of human behavior that under any circumstances would be viewed as primitive, animalistic and bloodthirsty.

This high sounding term is nothing more than men granting themselves license to do all of the despicable things that men do without feeling any guilt, because they are acting in the cause of God. Perhaps, lunatics, fanatics and the mentally unstable buy into this thinking but there is no such thing as a Holy War just as there is no such thing as Microsoft Works!

Throughout history, men have justified war and cruelty in the name of God. The Inquisition and the Crusades are just two examples of “Holy Wars” that were barely disguised attempts at colonialism and plain old theft. Islam also had its wars of conquest and invoked the term “Holy War” to cover its tracks also.

There is nothing holy about war at all and that is why men and women of reason and rationale go out of their ways to avoid it, but for those who are inadequate of the world and its many complexities, it is the perfect rallying cry for those mindless throngs who seek answers elsewhere rather than peer too deeply at themselves. This type of fundamentalism, whether Christian or Islamic, reflects a basic weakness in dealing with the real world and moderninity.

There is little difference between the Christian fundamentalist and the Islamic fundamentalist or for that matter any fundamentalist—they are seeking not a return to fundamentals, but a return to the 12th century when the world lived in ignorance and fear of the unknown. A Holy War? Humbug! Let’s call it what it is and that is a chance for intolerant and self-righteous people to fight, maim and kill other people who have the audacity to be self-reliant, freethinking and able to live in the world as it is.

A Holy War? No, it is an oxymoron that makes as much sense as “educational television.”

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