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Evolution vs Something

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Christianophobia consists of the terms “Christian” and “phobos” (φόβος) which means “irrational fear.” The term means therefore irrational animosity towards or hatred of Christians, or Christianity in general.

The term “Christianophobe” first hit my eyes two days ago while reading an article about best selling author, biologist and atheist, Richard Dawkins. Knowing that ‘phobia’ usually refers to an irrational fear or hatred of something or someone, I found the attachment of the term to Dawkins curious.

The term seems more applicable to other religionists of differing belief systems, not to a man with no religion at all. Judging from his books, Dawkins certainly has no fear of Christians nor does he display hatred or even mild dislike of them.

However, his tolerance for the unsubstantiated and the unsupportable are well-known. A noted evolution biologist, Dawkins ardently promotes Darwin’s 150-year-old discovery while thoroughly debunking Christianity’s supernatural creation story as myth and make-believe.

It is interesting that an atheist would catch the name “Christianophobe” at a time when science is moving to a preeminent position in explaining the world. When the organization that put Galileo under house arrest and is the root of all forms of Christianity (the Vatican), admits to evolution’s veracity, the argument is over.

Dawkin’s has no dislike for Christians only their unreasonableness and unwillingness to accept the overwhelming facts of evolution. In his latest book, The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution, Dawkins lays out the evidence for evolution in clear and precise language leaving little room doubt. Along the way, the books reveals the oxymoron called “creation science” as a sham and destroys the idea of “intelligent design” as little more than wishful thinking, thus earning the ire of Christians and the label “Christianophobe.”

Almost 10 years into the 21st century, people in the “most advanced” country on earth still debate what the rest of the modern world accepted as fact long ago. Ignorance has a cure. Unfortunately, there is no cure for stupidity and that makes having an ape as a cousin far to superior to the choices among some humans.

By the way, The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution, is a good read. It’s layout is toward a simplified educational view starting with the smallest item and building into a cohesive explanation. Good book!

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