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Vote! Vote! And, Vote Again!

October 4th, 2010 Comments off

Normally, this is not a site for political bantering unless it is to expose some detriment to society, but today rather than wax philosophical or stretch the thinking process, I as the editor must speak my mind on the up-coming mid-term elections and at least state my opinion on the importance or lack thereof of this balloting issue.

It’s about time to tell all the political experts to kiss our collective ass.  These are the same people that allowed George W. Bush to steal an election, plunge the nation into another series of financially debilitating wars, while allowing his Wall Street Mafia friends (no disrespect to la Cosa Nostra) to get in on the larceny by robbing the country blind with bogus real estate deals and unsound money management; then to seal the deal, get the American Tax-Payers to bail them out to the tune of $700 billion that they promptly used to party and pay out record bonuses.

The Tea Party is right in one respect and that is, something is wrong in this country, but it is not the imaginary ghouls or racist rhetoric of the those aspiring to ignorance, or washed-up theocratic fascists, the sieve-like crackpots of the 70’s nor the new racists the Dixiecrat dominated GOP. Sadly, for them and the American public, they now find that lying with the dogs of business is a sure source of fleas. Yes, the GOP is now the home for the racism of what were once known as Dixiecrats. Here’s what Republican Senator George Voinovich of Ohio had to say, “We got too many Jim DeMints and Tom Coburns,” he complained to the Columbus Dispatch, calling out his colleagues from South Carolina and Oklahoma when asked what the Republican Party’s biggest problems are. “It’s the Southerners. They get on TV and go ‘errrrr, errrrr.’ People hear them and say, ‘These people, they’re Southerners. The party’s being taken over by Southerners. What the hell [have] they got to do with Ohio?’” It was one of those rare moments when a politician accidently speaks the truth, but in reality he is right. The South, until recently, has been a political cash cow for the GOP.

The GOP never gave a tinker’s damn about Evangelical Christians. It was a vote! Period. God-fearing Bush political appointee David Kuo pointed out in his book, “Tempting Faith,” how Bush White House staffers made fun of the Christian leaders whenever they came to the White House calling them “crackpots and weirdoes.” It is the same with all the whites they have stirred up in the Tea Party. They have done the same thing, especially in the South. The Dixicrats of Strom Thurmond started it in the 40’s when it looked liked Civil Rights for blacks would come to pass. When it happened, Richard Nixon embarked on his infamous “Southern Strategy” to get whites against Civil Rights to vote. Ronald Reagan didn’t miss a beat and started his election campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi the home of the “freedom rider” murders in which local law enforcement and preachers were involved. Bush the elder started his campaign in the same place and later, George W. Bush kicked off his campaign at Bob Jones University, where interracial dating was forbidden. Are you starting to detect a pattern here? Sadly, for all their rousing of Southern sentiments, the South languishes at the bottom or top of every negative social statistic. The following is just a short list.

The portion of the country suffering the most ills in modern day society is the South. The least insured US population resides in the South or Red States. The highest levels of infant mortality are in the South. The highest levels of divorce are in the South. Evangelical Christians lead the nation in divorce rates and most are located in the South. The two most corrupt states in the Union, Mississippi and Louisiana (No. 1 & No. 3) are in the South. The nation’s highest murder rate is in the South. The state of Texas alone has a murder rate twice the national average. Louisiana has the highest rate of church attendance in the United States; it also has a murder rate almost five times the national average and the murder rate in Louisiana has dropped the past five years. The list goes on and on from the sublime to the ridiculous. The South is home to the most obese citizens in the US. It is also home to the least college graduates, the lowest average incomes and the highest number of high school drop outs under 25. The South and Red States read like a book of social disaster and most has been at their own hand.

Yet, tea baggers have bought into the idea that immigrants brown and black are taking their country. First, it is not their country. The Americas were not deserted lands when the first explorers arrived and any history that survived during from that time is largely an accident. Blacks and browns are not taking their jobs in this country. Their jobs and being exported to blacks and browns in other countries. Why is it that India’s economy is suddenly thriving and many Indians are returning to their home country? There is economic opportunity their homeland created at the expense of Americans.  The big business that the GOP embraces so tightly are the same ones giving your jobs away; it’s called out-sourcing. Tea Party adherents are literally standing in water and dying of thirst because they are blinded by racism, bigotry, theocracy and plain ignorance.

The middle-class is dying. In fact, economist in the know say it won’t  be long before the entire financial system collapses like the house of cards it is simply because no one in this country can afford to buy the products and countries overseas—don’t want them. So, it is time to prove the naysayers, analysts and political experts wrong by voting the GOP out of existence and pressuring the current congress to “do the right thing” or be gone. One thing the GOP has been able to do is get the margin voters out for almost any election, it is past time to send that tribe of fossils back to the era where they can only be found in rocks. Vote Democratic and vote with forethought and malice, or; suffer the consequences! The GOP of today is the Dixiecrat of the 1960’s. They long for a return to the time when women were bare foot and pregnant, blacks were second class citizens, Mexicans were not even a thought and when white men ruled.

If you are ready to cede rule of this country to that kind of thinking, then stay at home and don’t vote. But if you care anything about your future and that of your children vote Democrat; at least for your own protection. It the so-called experts think the amount of people that turned out to vote for Barack Obama was a fluke; it is time to show them different. The movement for change is not a sometime thing; it is happening now. Vote! Don’t waste your vote on independents, socialists or green party candidates, because that is exactly what they  are—wasted votes. If you want to make a point, make it where it counts. Personally, I think both parties fall far short of serving the American public, but the takeover of the GOP by the South is not acceptable.

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