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Letter to the NFL Commissioner

January 23rd, 2012 Comments off

Dear Mr. Commissioner:

With the heroics of Tim Tebow, suddenly NFL commentators want to talk about faith, religion and God. Again, the racism of the American media stands out like a sore thumb, or in this case a bent knee on the gridiron. Tebow is certainly not the first to send a shout out to God, but he is the first to gather enough attention to make faith a topic fit for football. Black players have done the same for the longest, but there has been no special mention of it. Suddenly, Tebow’s actions are enough to warrant comment from America’s leading evangelical researcher, George Barna.

Professional ballplayers, black and white, have kept strange ju-ju for years because of superstition. Even today players have been known to avoid shaving and following a routine of
rituals to avoid a jinx. Latino players from the Dominican Republic have made the sign of the cross for years before sporting events. Yet, it warranted no special mention. Along comes Tebow with some miraculous last minute wins and suddenly God is on the gridiron as if he has nothing of importance to do than monitor his minions on the midway. It is not Tebow’s fault in any way, but the racism of the new corporate media has been apparrent since the The Fourth Estate went out of business at the start of the Reagan Administration.

Not long ago, Buffalo Bills wideout Stevie Johnson dropped a game winning pass in the end-zone against the Pittsburg Steelers. After the game, Johnson was naturally disappointed in his
game-losing drop and in his misery blamed God as the culprit behind his board like hands. Aghast at such an outrageous accusation, the media demanded an unnecessary apology from Johnson. Johnson is just one of the many NFL athletes that sky point after a score to praise God for a multitude of reasons. If God is responsible for the amazing passes and receptions in a football game, then blaming God is not only correct, but necessary. For too long, the all-powerful creator of the universe escaped blame for all the terrible things that happened on his watch like the Jackie Smith end-zone drop in the Steelers-Cowboys Superbowl.

“I had the game in my hands and I dropped it,” Johnson said. The distraught receiver Twittered his disappointment saying, “I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS??? HOW???!!! ILL NEVER FORGET THIS!! EVER!!! THX THO”…Sun Nov 28 22:12:33 via Twitter for iPadStvie Johnson

Clearly, the “Almighty,” has the best job in the universe where he gets all the glory for the good things and no blame for the bad things that happen. In a rare moment, Johnson said what many others probably think. As a noted Skypointer, Johnson is just one of many professional football players strolling into the end-zone pointing to the sky. In the world of professional football, the time honored end-zone ball spike is gone. Instead, pointing to the sky is now de rigueur. Pointing to the sky and thanking God is not only unnecessary and annoying, it is also false advertising. In response to this unnecessary intrusion of religion into NFL football games, I am calling for a ban to end-zone pointing and kneeling. Unless smacked silly, henceforth all end-zone kneeling, sky-pointing and religious gestures should be forbidden. Hallucinations of Jesus from concussions will only be subjected to a five-yard penalty, other that that occassion, such actions will result in the loss of the score and mandatory attendance at a Jimmy Swaggart Praise-A-Thon.

The former NFL commissioner banned the end-zone group jump calling it excessive celebration. Sky pointing should fall under the same rule. At the very least, the sky point lacks
creativity and to those that are bullshit intolerant causes violent reactions and harm.

I.M. Seriousfan

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