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The Problem: Christians! The Answer: Cut the Bull!

July 12th, 2012 1 comment

For too long, I labored under the pronouncements of the Christian Church; first as a Catholic and later as a notheist. For years, Christian loudmouths have taken the nation to task regarding the country’s morality. First it was temperance. Of course, we found out the people sneaking to the “speak easys” were largely “good” Christian folks. Then came hate groups like the KKK and they turn out to be staunch Christians. Now, it is abortion and once again, the people most likely to use those services are Christian, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

Simple math should tell us in a country where nearly 75% claim Christianity that Christians will dominate nearly any activity whether it is bowling or molesting children. Last month, my latest book, “The 80% Solution: Getting Christians to do the Right Thing,” was released after four years of research. In all of the research I did for the book one thing was as clear as the view from the Hubble telescope; problems with American morality is truly a case of Christians not doing the right thing. Be it abortion, gambling or felonious behavior, Christians lead the way and in amount far surpassing other groups.

They are the most divorced, most imprisoned and most obnoxious in pointing out what is wrong with others. This should be a country of blind men and women made sightless by the motes in their eyes. Perhaps, no one else feels this way, but as a born-again notheist the obvious hypocrisy of those receiving mass media coverage is only exceeded by those providing the exposure.

It is easy to cast stones, but when one’s house is not in order or made of glass, it is child’s play to pick up the rocks thrown and pitch them back; while in the process, making loud shattering noises and raising the need for transfusions. As the Header says, the problem with morality in this country lies at the feet of Christians. Specifically, the problem is Christians trying to hold others accountable for rules they egregiously mangle everyday. The fact is that Christians in the United States don’t act much like Christians in that they lie, steal, and cheat as much as anybody else. They are just as greedy, hedonistic and self-centered as, well, other Christians.

I’ve known this since childhood. All it took was functioning eyes and ears. There was much talk about God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, but as we all know–talk is cheap. I couldn’t write a book about what I thought or make claims about other’s behavior and be taken seriously. So, I documented my book with more than 1,000 footnotes and nearly half of them come from Christian resources. “The 80% Solution,” targets those behaviors that religionists love to preach about; and, uses quotations and statistics from reputable sources to show how far from the path Christians have strayed. Today, it appears that Christianity is more of a social club that provides entertainment, business contacts and the latest gossip.

With 75% of Americans claiming Christianity it would seem the country would be in great shape if purported Christians practiced what they preached, but it seems most Christians are Christians in name only. It is far past time to drop the charade and pretense by flaying Christianity at its core. In England church membership is barely 20%. It is probably about the same when it comes to true believers in this country. Despite cries of foul, the United States is a make-believe Christian kingdom of no more significance than the enchanted palace at Disneyland.

Cut the bull!

“The 80% Solution: Getting Christians to do the Right Thing” is available at and Barnes and Noble in hardcover, paperback, or efile.

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