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Movie Review: CHI-RAQ — POS

February 19th, 2016 Comments off

Spike Lee has produced some great films like Jungle Fever and She’s Got to Have It and more. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. Simply said, the film is not worth the price of admission. This movie is only worthy of a NChiRaq0-Star rating.

After a three week run in theaters, CHI-RAQ is already on pay-for-view. A quick recommendation, it is not worth watching on pay-for-view either. A friend in California sent the original he purchased because he didn’t want it. He didn’t think it worthy of his Spike Lee collection.

The movie starts with a bang, some lovely rap and then goes down from there. First, the plot of the film is thinner than sliced tissue. The transparent plot puts punany for peace, thus, the title of this less than stirring movie. Unless the gangsters stop shooting there will be no coochies if there is no peace.

At first, the movie characters are difficult to follow until realizing they are speaking in verse like a play. However, Lee is no August Wilson or Lorraine Hansberry. If there is one element that stands out, it’s Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of Shine the legendary “Shine” from Shine and the Titanic. Jackson’s character is used to transition from one act to the next.

It’s difficult to find anything good about this movie. Okay, it has good cinematography. Men, it has plenty of bootie shakin’, crotch bumpin’ and ass humpin. Otherwise, CHI-RAQ is a piece of shit.

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